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Kooples Mobile Menu

I got a that usual, promotional 25% off email from Kooples and this is the first image when i click on "Women".

broken image

Its interesting to note that they don't have a header, or any clear indication that these are New Arrivals. I kept scrolling and got to the bottom fairly quickly. 🤔 Where the rest of their hot shit? Clicked on Menu and got this:

broken image

New Arrivals is bolded - which helps, but man, this mobile menu with submenu is making me crazy! When I click on women nothing happens, if I want to search all womens I was at a loss. And Kooples is too, missing out on an opportunity to simplify and show all items at once.

If I go back to the New Arrivals page, scroll to the bottom there is a small breadcrumb & SUCCESS. All womens appears for me to keep scrolling and loading.

broken image

The only reason they might have for presenting their entire line in categories could be the "restaurant menu is too big" phenomenon. The more options you have the less special your choice looks.

This is better known as The Paradox of Choice (book by Barry Schwartz). You might also recognize this from why Tinder/Happn/Bumble helps my friend Simon date 3 women a weekend but hasn't found The One (I believe love is right around the corner for you buddy). Although new dating apps (The League) are limiting your swipeable cards by day to make your choices look "special". It turns out there are studies to prove that the less options you are given, the more satisfied you are with your choice.

Aziz Ansari talks about this in Master of None (tacos) and his book Modern Love (dating across the world).

I'm curious if this is a trend in e-commerce sites. I don't suffer from extensive fomo, especially about clothing, so this tactic wouldn't work on me (thanks to KonMari and the Normcore Movement I buy almost no new clothing).

All I know is that this mobile menu with a submenu is 😑 - even this extremely bored & listless model agrees.

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