• IAMS Dog Breed Selector

    A complete redesign of their most visited page, helping users match a dog breed to their lifestyle by prioritizing content with logic.


    IAMS breed selector was and is the most popular page on their site, but it only had a 45% completion rate. It took around 10 minutes to complete, there were 40 redundant questions, and the results were often rare and unknown breeds.

    We recommended paring down the number of questions, improving the logic per the breed point system they had in place, and elevating the visual experience.

    The goal was to increase completion and encourage the user to give IAMS their email for a coupon for dog food.



    UX designer in collaboration with a graphic designer and copywriter. Assisted the Lead UX Designer in presenting to the client.


    Competitive analysis • Information architecture based on auditing the logic matrix • Logic matrix audit & improvement • Restructured experience with prioritized logic • Design high fidelity wireframes with images & icons for client choice • Design prototype in Invision • User test prototype to make sure completion times have improved

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    I looked at all the competitor breed finders & took all the best elements of each.


    While there was a lot of logic to sift through, (see the matrix above for just the dogs that start with A!) prioritizing what people are seeking from their prospective furry friend was job #1. Then we could adjust the weight of each of their answers to give them better matches.

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    First I did an extensive competitive audit of 10 other dog breed quizzes. I analyzed the logic spreadsheet to figure out how best to weigh the quiz questions to give the user the best possible, and most accurate outcome.


    Once the logic was agreed upon by the client, I laid out the wireframes. This was done by putting the more important questions first and the secondary questions grouped together.


    The wireframes were in two different design styles for the client to chose from, imagery and iconography.


    Also, the original results page, which featured info on their winning dog breed, was too long and needed to be consolidated. So our solution was to shorten this description, prompt them to email the results to themselves, and in doing so receive an IAMS coupon.

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    The number of questions for the breed selector was reduced from 40, mostly redundant, questions to 12 smarter, logic-based questions.

    The breed selector previously took 10 minutes to finish - now it only takes about 3 minutes.


    Overall, this update has resulted in a much higher completion rate and increased email captures for their (still) most popular page on their website.

    Please enjoy this video of the prototype.


    Or, inspired to find your perfect dog? Check it out here: IAMS dog breed selector.

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