• Mizuho Americas website

    Building the Mizuho Americas website from the ground up, creating new brand awareness for "the biggest bank you've never heard of."


    Mizuho is one of the top 3 financial institutions in Japan. In the 2008 economic crisis, they were one of the very few that remained steady & profitable. Mizuho Americas had 7 different outdated websites for their business offerings and needed one cohesive website to express its fresh perspective.


    Their new website was created to showcase Mizuho America business offerings for prospective clients, highlight employees, and function as a financial research library under client log-in.



    When I started, the Site Map was in process, and I continued to update with the client as she interviewed their stakeholders about their needs.


    The Creative Director had mocked up two different design layouts initially for approval, and I worked with a remote Sr. UX Designer to build and design the wireframes to match that design system.


    There was also a Sr. Graphic Designer working with me at each step, so the designs could be put into high fidelity wireframes immediately upon client approval.



    Site map • Mobile + desktop wireframes for one page of each section • Mobile + desktop prototypes for client feedback

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    One particular bump in the road was how to split up the “What we do” navigation so each business division felt they were getting equal weight. After a lot of discussion with the client, we decided upon a hybrid of a “super nav” similar to what Goldman Sachs had at the time.

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    I updated the site map as the client talked to each section of the business.


    I started laying out the wireframes accordingly, and the design system was chosen by the client.


    I then updated the wireframes to align with the new design system, working with the visual designer to make sure we were working in tandem & coordinating the wires with how the design system was laid out.


    I created mobile and desktop prototypes in Invision and the client annotated with feedback. I iterated the designed and handed off the final wireframes to the design team.

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    We presented it to the client and delivered to the tech team.

    They were so happy with it, they still have this exact website today, 4 years later.

    Or view the Mizuho Americas website.


    From the client:

    "The end result is unlike anything we've done at Mizuho before, and so true to Mizuho."

    - Cheryl Gilberg, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Mizuho Americas

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