• The Oversight Board

    The Oversight Board’s Case Management Tool enables them to select, deliberate, and ultimately decide what to take down, what to leave up, and why.


    The Oversight Board was created by Facebook to help with content decisions for their 2 million+ users. Their main, albeit lofty goal is to balance free speech and online safety.


    What has been described as a “Supreme Court of the Internet,” this board will eventually consist of 40 global and diverse members. The board members will be Constitutional scholars, leading free speech experts, Nobel Laureates, as well as the former Prime Minister of Denmark, and the former editor of The Guardian.


    The Case Management Tool is the internal database and system the board would use to select cases to deliberate and ultimately decide on whether content will be allowed or removed on Facebook and Instagram. My agency had already designed the branding, the public-facing website, and the first version of the Case Management Tool when I joined the team in late 2020.


    I worked on features to be added to the Case Management Tool per the direct requests of the current 20 board members and the client. These individuals were user testing the CMT for the first time as they were being onboarded.



    This project was well funded and would be used by 40 board members and support staff. Possibly less than 100 people would be using this product to make decisions affecting a social media network of well over 2 million people.


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    I was the Sr. UX Designer on this project with a Sr. Visual Designer, Project Manager, and Client Director.

    I was responsible for UX research, wireframes, and collaborative design decisions.




    Over the course of four months, I worked on a number of new features for the CMT.


    While I am not permitted to share the designs here, I can share the list of different features I developed and/or enhanced and would be happy to chat with you about my UX decisions and process at any time.

    • Write draft functionality expanded
    • Edit requests and annotations for Decision Drafts
    • Decision draft versioning
    • Translation placement and interface
    • Sort / Filter functionality for the Case list
    • Submission date filter
    • Search functionality
    • Panel Discussion (chat functionality)
    • Board to User Communication on the User facing website
    • Panel Management for the Director
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    I’ve never worked on a project that was so well-funded for such a small number of people.


    While Facebook publicly put aside a fund of 130 million dollars to create and run the Oversight Board, the Oversight Board and the staff will probably always be less than 100 people. It was a very unique experience in this way.


    It was rewarding to make a product in real-time and get immediate feedback from the (incredible) people who are going to be using it.


    And while it is obvious in recent events the Oversight Board couldn’t come soon enough, I’m optimistic the product the Oversight Board will be using will be as transparent and usable as possible.



    Learn more about the Oversight Board on its public website.

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