• Verizon Prepaid Q4 pricing refresh

    Create an even more robust experience for our Prepaid customer with new pricing, an Auto Pay discount, while incorporating tablets & mobile hotspots into every component of the app.


    Once or twice a year, Verizon Prepaid launches a pricing refresh to update their plans in order to stay competitive.

    With the Fall 2018 refresh, Verizon added tablets and Jetpacks (mobile hotspot) as device options for their customers.


    Plus, they were launching a new Auto Pay discount. The Prepaid user is more likely to stay a customer if they are using Auto Pay, so we needed to find the best way to convince our customers to sign up for the discount.

    I led this project team, comprised of a visual designer and copywriter, while simultaneously providing oversight for the additional Verizon Prepaid team (mid-level UX designer, copy & visual design) to create seamless consistency across the entire app.


    Execute site audit • Work with project management to create our sprint schedule • Leverage current experience to design for tablet & mobile hotspot • Build the experience for price plan changes, device upgrades in Shop, and adding new lines to family plans


    We needed to create a more robust app, but in a very limited timeframe.


    We first needed to audit the entire app to see how each flow would be affected and then leverage existing designs for our new available devices.


    Post design delivery we did a secondary audit on the work to decide what should be released first.

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    First, we took the project brief and business rules and went through each section of the app to see how the new pricing would affect each section. Most importantly, we knew we needed to build a new plan carousel that accommodated new plans and devices. Accounts were increasing from 5 lines to 10, and in the future would be increasing even more to 20 with the addition of connected devices.


    In total, we had 40 projects which we split between 2 teams. I had oversight over both in order to maintain continuity.

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    The project was delivered on time and had great results. The Auto Pay enrollment increased and there are now many new customers benefitting from the Verizon Prepaid tablet & mobile hotspot plans. In addition, this project gave me the opportunity to mentor the 2 teams to create polished work.


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