• What's Your 20 app

    An app combining freelance networks, work profiles and calendars for film/TV shoots to help entertainment crews hire and get hired.


    The crews for the entertainment industry have unique hiring practices & niche problems.

    Across almost every department - a supervisor gets the shooting schedule, texts their favorite dayplayers (crew members outside their staff that they hire for the day), waits for responses, then continues to send texts until positions are filled. If positions remain unfilled, the supervisor sends out more texts asking for recommendations.


    Besides this system being inefficient, it becomes almost impossible when the industry is busy. This leaves roles unfilled & crews understaffed.


    So I set out to solve this complex problem by creating a recommendation network that combined a hiring calendar & messaging system.
    The supervisor (hiring person) can send out work requests to quickly hire a crew, and get recommendations. Dayplayers (the hired) can send interested work requests, set up their profile to get more exposure and most importantly - get hired!



    This is a personal project I started for my General Assembly UX class. But it has evolved over the years, and I have received good reception and insight from creative directors at Huge & Percolate for iterations.


    Research • User interviews • User tests • Personas • Competitive analysis • Wireframes • Design • Prototype

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    Research to develop user personas via user interviews.

    I conducted 10 different interviews across all departments in the film & tv crews - because almost every department has their own union and set of rules when it comes to hiring – I wanted to get insight into each of them.


    Competitive audit

    Card sorting exercise to iterate my information architecture
    Paper prototype & sketches

    User testing with the paper prototype

    Affinity diagram with results of user testing

    Built wireframes & digital prototype
    Collaborated with creative designers from Percolate & Huge to implement a visual design system.

    Created an angel list profile & applied for grants through a General Assembly competition.


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    Clearly it is a product that is still very much needed, with IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) union members listed as 140,000 in 2018, and non-union workers too many to count. Former colleagues still contact me to ask when this app can be made.


    Moving forward, with better insight into the entertainment industry workplace culture, this app could be something that could be replicated to solve hiring needs for other freelance communities as well.


    Watch this video of the prototype or explore it at Invision.


    You can learn more about this app and read my Executive Summary at whatsyour20app.com.

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